Vehicle Camera System


It offers instant and historical video recording. It is a system where drivers and driving errors can be easily followed. Night vision, motion sensitivity, taking pictures and archive service are available with increased memory.


NVR has features such as night vision, motion sensitivity, photography and archive service.

In addition, you can access and watch the recordings remotely via the internet.

Camera Systems Usage Areas

These are systems that are obliged to be kept in the vehicles of institutions providing school service. According to the service regulation, there is an obligation to use NVR recording system. Vehicle camera systems used in school vehicles must have all certificates according to the relevant service regulations. All documents of the school service systems we sell are available.

Individual vehicle camera systems that are suitable for use in passenger cars are generally preferred due to their feature of being parked. Users want to record their vehicles while parked, instant GPS tracking and connect to the vehicle remotely while parked to obtain a snapshot.